Infinite Road Investments LLC was started on the principle that private lending could be an ideal partnership between two investors. We are an active duty service member family and business. We are dog parents and the fun aunt and uncle to many nieces and nephews. Family is important to us, which is why we chose to start investing in real estate in the first place. Investing as private lenders gave us the opportunity to help other people spend more time with their families, and we meet so many people who also have that goal! We have been married for almost twenty years now, with that many years of service to the military already behind us. We have lived all over the country in the last twenty years, embraced so many different types of climates, history, cultures, activities, and food. We love the food! One of the owners is from New Orleans, so she knows tasty food! Crawfish boil anyone?

Why did we choose private lending? We love this style of investing because it fit many of the goals we had and played to our strengths. Private lending allows us to work in a collaborative way with other investors, helping them close more deals or obtain funding for repairs. These updated and refreshed homes can then go on the market for families to purchase and create lasting memories in their own home, without the hassle of constant repairs or worrying about paying for upgrades.

So what do we do? We help fund fix and flip single family homes in the Hampton Roads VA area, where we are currently stationed. We love this area for so many reasons! The market is fairly stable as we have a large federal employment base with several large military installations and government contractors in supporting roles to those installations. We also have a diverse employment industry in this area comprised of healthcare, education, and retail just to name a few. We have a strong sales market because of the number military members moving in and out of the area each year, often times using their VA loan benefits to help purchase a home for their family. The entire Hampton Roads area has seen steady population growth, with the average age of the area being 36, prime home buying age!

What sets us apart? We have a deep commitment to the investors we work with. We have a pool of investors that we often repeat business with over and over again. They have a proven track record of quality work, sticking to their budget and timelines, and history of successful closings with happy buyers. These investors are active in the community with mentorship, volunteering, and giving back to the community in so many ways. We also have a commitment to the military community in the area. One of the stipulations for our loans is that at least one active duty service member, veteran or military spouse will be employed during part of the process from the time of the closing to purchase the home to the time of the closing to sell it. We do not care if they are the contractor, a stager, a broker, a realtor, landscaper. We do this to help support veteran owned business, military spouse employment initiatives, and other active duty families that are also on the journey for their own financial improvement.

Why are we named Infinite Road Investments? We loved the concept of people having “runway” or the ability to have a lot of resilience for a given situation. As anyone who has spent any time as an active duty service member and their families will tell you, this lifestyle is not for the faint of heart. There will be times of pure fear and pure joy. There are moments that take your breath away, moments you dread, and then moments you look forward to for months. There is a camaraderie that develops amongst military members, families and veterans. The twists and turns, the ups and downs will test you, no doubt about it. After twenty years of it, you build up a resilience to take on the world! Bloom where you planted has become a common saying in our household. We also firmly believe in having a growth mindset. When people have a growth mindset they see far more opportunities than someone with a scarcity mindset. We loved the idea that having infinite road in front of you symbolized both resilience and a growth mindset for us. Success is about seeking out, finding and then taking advantage of those opportunities as they come up. Greatness is bringing others along with you! Being part of a collaborative team with a long runway and a growth mindset is up utmost importance to us, which is exactly why it was a central theme to our business.

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